Party Hard on Google Play for NVIDIA SHIELD Devices, Priced at $13

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Imagine you are comfortably snoozing in your bed, only to be rudely awoken by your noisy neighbors who are throwing a raging house party next door. This would upset you, right? Typically, a call to the police for a noise complaint would be a decent route to take, but not for the main character in Party Hard. In this world, you take matters into your own hands, dispensing justice and death to anyone who dares wake you from slumber. 

Described to be a game of tactical mass murder, you will utilize various in-level traps and tools to kill as many party attendees as possible. However, your main objective is trying not to get caught. When someone is on to you, you must dance and blend in naturally, providing a bit more of a challenge. It’s all about killing, dancing, sneaking, killing, repeat.

Gamers can also stream Party Hard directly to Twitch, allowing viewers to even get in on the action. According to the game’s description, “Viewers can trigger all sorts of chaos, like calling in more people to join the party, calling in SWAT, causing Sharknados, and more!”

Priced at $13, this game is sure to be loads of fun for all of you psychopaths out there.


  • 19 unique levels with random variations on each one
  • Use traps, cause explosions, become a ninja
  • Multiple unlock-able characters
  • Special random events, like a bear coming in and killing everyone for you
  • Trigger the DEA, SWAT cars, paramedics, firefighters to come in and ruin the party

Play Link ($12.99)




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