Pokémon GO Live on Google Play in US, But Not Quite Ready for Use (Update: Finally Live)

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Pokémon GO is finally live on Google Play for everyone. The only issue is, it’s not yet downloadable onto any device. While you can easily find it, the game’s device compatibility list shows that no device is supported, so until Niantic Labs decides to change that, all we can do is look at it and twiddle our thumbs.

However, as soon as it is available for download, get ready for fun. Think of Pokémon GO as Ingress, but with Pokémon. As you walk around your neighborhood, you will come across wild Pokémon that you can capture. As you rank up, you can train and evolve your Pokémon, then battle them at arenas which are also located around your area. 

If you live near a park, you should see many checkpoints where you can refresh your amount of Pokéballs, which will allow you to capture more wild Pokémon. The overall objective is to catch all of the Pokémon for your Pokédex, making you the greatest Pokémon trainer to ever walk the Earth.

Once downloaded, you will notice that there are in-app purchases. The purchases are for Pokémon gold coins, which are transferred for Pokédex storage upgrades, backpack upgrades, as well as 2X experience points. While these upgrades could help you level up quicker, I would not label them as necessary for doing well in the game.

Note: You may have seen an APK floating around the web that would allow you to access the game early, but I would suggest holding off until the game is live on Google Play for your region. Better to wait for the official APK than take a risk with 3rd-party downloads.

As soon as the game is available for download, we will alert you.

UPDATE: It finally went live in the US last night. Go get it!

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