Verizon’s “Fireworks” Plan Changes Coming July 7, Include Price and Data Hikes

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Last week, thanks to promo pages that surfaced on Verizon’s Testman site, we learned a handful of details about upcoming changes that Big Red would soon introduce. When probed for confirmation, Verizon would only tell us to expect “fireworks” within the next week, but sources of ours confirmed to us days later the full set of changes to expect (which we noted here). Those changes are as follows. 

On July 7, Verizon is going to update The Verizon Plan, which is their line-up of data packages labeled under S, M, L, XL, and XXL categories. These plans will all jump in price from $5 to $10, but they will include more data as well. Verizon will attempt to justify the price hike by suggesting customers are getting a deal because the new plans offer “30% more data per size at lower cost.”

How will the new plans look? Like this:

  • S: 2GB for $35 (was 1GB for $30)
  • M: 4GB for $50 (was 3GB for $45)
  • L: 8GB for $70 (was 6GB for $60)
  • XL: 16GB for $90 (was 12GB for $80)
  • XXL: 24GB for $110 (was 18GB for $100)

Verizon will also announce previously reported features like Carryover Data (monthly rollover of unused data), Safety Mode (option to throttle you after using data bucket to avoid overages), included roaming on XL and XXL plans to Mexico and Canada (will cost $5 for other plans), and something called Data Boost, a quick way to buy an extra 1GB of data at $15 per.

Finally, expect a re-designed Verizon app as well.

Verizon is training their employees on the changes this morning with July 7 availability.

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