Verizon Unveils 4G LTE Network Extender for Home and Business, Launches June 30 for $250

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Verizon is releasing a 4G LTE Network Extender device this month for $250. Targeted towards those who live in homes not saturated in Big Red’s beautiful LTE network, or those who wish to provide patrons of their business with better Verizon coverage, this Samsung-made network extender covers a 7,500 square foot area, providing HD Voice coverage and 4G LTE data speeds for up to seven devices with an eighth channel reserved for 911 calls.

Designed for self-installation, setting this device up should be rather straightforward. Assuming it works the same as T-Mobile’s network extender, all one needs is a broadband internet connection and wall outlet for power. Once the device is activated, it works as its own little 4G LTE tower inside of your home or business, featuring Samsung’s “small cell” technology. 

On the downside, this thing is $250. I would label that price as insane, given T-Mobile hands these devices out to customers at no charge, minus a $25 deposit for the hardware. T-Mobile sees these units as a way to better a customer’s LTE coverage, while it appears Verizon is using them to rake in more dough. Sure, buying it outright means you own it and Verizon will never ask for it back, but why would you need to own it? In my opinion, T-Mobile’s angle is much more consumer-friendly.

If you would like a 4G LTE Network Extender for your home or business, head into a Verizon store on June 30 and get ready to drop some dough.

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