T-Mobile Introduces CellSpot, a Free In-Home 4G LTE Tower

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Regardless of which carrier you are on, there is no doubt you have found a spot where you lose signal. If that place happens to be your home, then that’s no good, but if you are on T-Mobile, the UnCarrier now has a complete solution for you. Announced today, customers on a Simple Choice plan can receive a 4G LTE CellSpot free of charge, for use in your home or business. 

For anyone who has an Internet connection and lives within T-Mobile wireless spectrum, the CellSpot is essentially a tiny LTE tower that lives inside of your home, powering up to 16 calls simultaneously. And this is not a watered down version of T-Mobile’s network, either. It’s the full experience, offering VoLTE, Video Calling, HD Voice, and Advanced Messaging. According to the specs of the CellSpot, it has enough juice to deliver signal across 3,000 square feet.

The CellSpot is completely free to operate for those already on a Simple Choice plan. To get one, all you need to do is place a $25 deposit, then hook it up. Again, all you need for it to work properly is a broadband Internet connection, and live within T-Mobile’s operating area.

Customers can pick up one of these towers at participating T-Mobile locations on November 4. For additional information, look here.


Via: T-Mobile



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