DEAL: Get $300 Off Any Verizon Phone Over $400 With This Code (Updated)

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Ready for the deal of the day (or maybe month)? Verizon is currently allowing use of a coupon code that will land you $300 off any phone that is priced over $400. Is there a catch? Eh, not really, but there is one requirement – you have to sign-up for a device payment plan. 

This is how it works. You find a phone you want that is priced at a full retail price of over $400, like the Galaxy S7 Edge, which retails for $792. If you use coupon code “FORYOU300” at checkout, the price will drop to $492. With that discount, your monthly payment drops from $33 per month for 24 months to $20.50 per month. Pretty sweet deal right?

We tried it on a bunch of phones and it really does seem to work for anything over $400. We even tried the iPhone 6s with 128GB of storage and dropped it from $849 to $549. The Turbo 2 can be dropped from $624 to $324. You get the idea.

Have at it via the link below!

Verizon Link

UPDATE: Verizon tells us that this was a limited time offer for select customers and that it has expired.

Note: When logged into my Verizon account, the discount seems to be having issues with upgrades, but certainly works for new lines and new accounts.


Cheers Stuart!


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