Nest’s Rumored Product Roadmap Consists of Tastefully Colored Thermostats, Outdoor Nest Cam

nest thermostat

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In Tony Fadell’s letter to employees declaring his departure from Nest, he briefly mentioned a product roadmap that was set in place for the company. This week, additional details regarding that roadmap have been made public, although, they are not yet confirmed by Nest or Google. According to a source of Tech Insider, Nest will have at least one “new” product, with an existing product getting a bit of a facelift. 

As reported, Nest will release an outdoor Nest Cam, designed specifically to fair in the elements. The outdoor Cam will feature a power cord, meaning owners won’t need to worry about replacing batteries. Nest Cam, for those unfamiliar, is a remote web-connected camera that allows owners to see what’s happening at home when they are away. While there are already 3rd-party solutions to make the existing Nest Cam devices weather-proof, the outdoor version will feature a more rugged design, perfect for outdoors.

Beyond a new Nest Cam, it is also reported that the existing Nest Thermostat will be offered in different colors. Details on which colors are unknown, but according to the source, they are, “tasteful.” By tasteful, we assume there won’t be Hot Pink or Rosso corsa.

To add a bit more fuel to the rumor fire, the source states that while 2016 won’t be the most exciting year for Nest product announcement, 2017 has the potential to be huge. Even though no specific details were shared, it was alluded that it might have something to do with home security, possibly.

Would you be interested in a colored Nest Thermostat or outdoor Nest Cam?

Via: Tech Insider



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