Google’s Nearby Connects Your Device to the World Around You

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Yesterday, while we were busy with Lenovo and Moto announcements, Google detailed its Nearby feature for Android users. With the launch of Nearby, users who choose to interact with beacons around them can stumble upon helpful apps and webpages when they are out and about.

For example, if you are inside of a CVS Pharmacy, your smartphone can notify you that you can print photos while at the store directly from your phone’s gallery. Or, if you are taking a United flight, Nearby can notify you to download the United app from Google Play for access to free entertainment while you wait for your departure. 

To take advantage of Nearby’s offering, you will need to have Bluetooth and Location services enabled. Not all places will have beacons for you to access, but as the service grows, more should pop up. For now, look over Google’s examples below and be on the lookout.


  • Print photos directly from your phone at CVS Pharmacy.
  • Explore historical landmarks at the University of Notre Dame.
  • Download the audio tour when you’re at The Broad in LA.
  • Skip the customs line at select airports with Mobile Passport.
  • Download the United Airlines app for free in-flight entertainment while you wait at the gate, before you board your flight.


Via: Google



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