Chrooma Keyboard Beta Hits 3.0 With a Laundry List of New Goodies

chrooma keyboard android

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Chrooma Keyboard, the Google Keyboard-esque color-switching that has become a favorite around these parts, now has a beta available that will let you test v3.0 of the app. This isn’t just a bug-fixer either. No, v3.0 of Chrooma is packed full of new goodness for you to play with, assuming you are down to help the developer work through some bugs on the way to stable.

In this 3.0 update, Chrooma has improved text suggestion, prediction, and gestures swiping. You’ll find new settings, an emoji page restyling, new emoji too, and bug fixes as well. As for what’s new, well, strap in for a minute here. 

The new goodies include an “Action Row” that is a customizable row with 3 swipe-able pages for things like a number row, recently used emoji, and copy/paste buttons. You’ll find new shortcut actions as well, like swipe from delete upward to delete everything you have typed or to the left to go word by word, dragging on the spacebar to move the cursor, and gesture swipe left or right on the spacebar to go into one-handed mode. Finally, there is support for custom text colors on the keyboard, custom gesture trail colors, and two new keyboard styles.

This is a pretty intense update. With that said, this is a beta and since being released as v3.0, the developer has already had to address a couple of bugs and is on v3.0.2 at the moment. Again, this is a beta so expect bugs and also expect to help the developer to improve these new features.

To get in on the beta action, you’ll need to first join the Chrooma G+ community, then opt-in to the beta to “become a tester.” Once you do that, you are on your way to becoming the next beta king.



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