Question of the Day: Why Don’t You Buy Nexus Phones?

Nexus 6P

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Earlier today, Google CEO Sundar Pichai made an appearance at Recode’s Code Conference to talk about all that is on his company’s plate. During the chat, the conversation moved over to Google’s Nexus line of devices and where it’s headed. In short, Pichai said that Google is investing more in Nexus and sees areas that they can really improve upon stock Android through Nexus devices, as weird as that sounds.

Conversations like these often spark my curiosity, especially when they involve the Nexus line, a long-standing favorite of ours. As many of you know, we love the Nexus line of products (phones more specifically) because they offer a lot of what we look for in an Android phone. We get Google’s vision for the operating system without the bloat, the newest versions the quickest (which means new features first), and direct and swift updates from Google. 

Sure, prior to the Nexus 5X and 6P, Nexus phones never led the industry in camera quality or battery life, but we dealt with those lacking experiences for those other items I just mentioned. After listening to Pichai today and looking back at last year’s excellent Nexus phones, you get the feeling that Nexus will be hard to pass on going forward and that issues from the past won’t be around for long.

That thought brings us to today’s question, which is – why don’t you buy Nexus phones?

I ask because even as Nexus phones seem to be gaining in popularity around these parts, many of you still opt for the Galaxy S7s and LG G5s and HTC 10s and Moto X Pures of the world. While I can’t fault you for choosing the phone that best fits your needs (or budget), I’m just curious why Google’s aren’t fitting them?



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