Hugo Barra Teases Xiaomi Mi Android TV Reveal for Google I/O?

xiaomi mi logo

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Hugo Barra, former master presenter of Android at Google who now overseas the fun happening with Xiaomi, teased a couple of interesting bits of Google I/O related material this week, prompting those of us in this tech sphere to wonder if Xiaomi has co-developed a product with Google to be announced tomorrow. You can see the tweets below that prompted the speculation, both of which appear to show something gaming and TV focused. 

See them? First we have a gamepad combo and then we a volume up switch that could be sitting below a power button for a remote, next to the shape of the device? Maybe? Your vision may come up with something different, but that’s what I’m seeing.

Barra did say specifically that they “will be a part” of Google I/O, so this isn’t him just running with the hype and teasing a product that will launch outside of I/O. Xiaomi is also no stranger to TV-like products. They currently sell a stand-alone TV along with a TV box, like a Nexus Player or Fire TV.

Could this be a new Nexus Player with extra gaming capabilities? Maybe it’s just a new Mi product that has official Android support? I don’t know, but I’m excited.



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