Report: Project Chirp, Google’s Amazon Echo Competitor, to be Called Google Home

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On the eve of Google I/O, details are emerging regarding Google’s Project Chirp. If you have missed the previous reports, Project Chirp (otherwise known simply as Chirp), is the Amazon Echo competitor device that Google is working on, said to be powered by Google Now and other Google technologies. According to the latest report from the New York Times, Chirp will be officially called Google Home, set to be unveiled during Google’s keynote address tomorrow morning in Mountain View, CA. 

Detailed in the report, Google Home will do essentially everything Echo can do, which is answer simple questions using the web, as well as possibly connect to other smart devices in your home. That’s the goal, at least. Not too many tidbits on operation were given, but considering we are potentially less than 24 hours away from unveiling, we will know everything soon enough.

According to the source of the New York Times, Google Home will not be available for purchase until this fall, but with an unveiling during Google I/O, you can expect that Google is looking to bolster app integration and support for 3rd-party systems by the time launch comes around. The Echo from Amazon has had nearly two years to build on the platform, so Google has a bit of catching up to do.

Let’s see a show of hands for who is anticipating the announcement of Google Home.

Via: The New York Times



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