WatchESPN Streaming Hits Android TV Through ESPN App

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Those interested in shooting balls through hoops, shooting pucks into nets, hitting balls over fences, kicking balls into nets, or watching James Harden reinvent the pratfall, access to WatchESPN has been added to the official ESPN application for Android TV. To watch the action, users will need the ESPN app installed, available on all Android TV models, and will also come shipped on all new Nexus Players, according to ESPN. 

Bundled into the new offering, ESPN will also provide access to short-form video clips, as well as ESPN Classic on-demand content for streaming. As stated by ESPN, “Delivering our content seamlessly within this app-like user interface on Android TV embraces a growing trend in consumer behavior and consumption habits.”

To have access to all of the videos, a user will need a paid TV subscription from pretty much any cable provider in the US. That also includes satellite TV. If you pay for TV at home, it’s likely that you have ESPN, so to use the ESPN app, simply log into your TV account via the ESPN app and then you are all set for sports watching.

How about them OKC Thunder, yeah?

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