Twitter May Soon Stop Counting Links and Images Against Your 140 Character Limit

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According to a source familiar with Twitter’s upcoming plan who spoke with Bloomberg, the company will soon stop counting links to the web and images against your 140-character tweet limit. For the longest time, Twitter has counted any added links and photos against your limit, leaving less room for actual words. In a change that could happen within the next couple of weeks, folks may soon see more words, links, and photos. 

As of right now, when a link is added or a photo is embedded into a tweet, it takes up 24 characters. If multiple links are required in a tweet, that’s an additional 24 characters for each link. However, if adding multiple images (up to four), only the first 24 characters are counted and the photos are assembled into the same album with a single link.

With that being said, the process has gotten better over the years, but if Twitter does change how images and links are counted, you should begin to see more words with tweets that are accompanied by images and links.

According to Bloomberg, Twitter even contemplated lifting the character limit to 10,000, but apparently, that wasn’t seen as a good idea. Limiting a tweet’s size is one of the main reasons people flock to Twitter. Topics and headlines are easily digestible in 140 characters, so here’s hoping that the 140 character limit never vanishes.

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Via: Bloomberg



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