Sign Up to Field Test Pokémon GO in the US

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The Pokémon GO launch for the US is right around the corner, but before that can happen, the game must be field tested. Sure to be a hit game across the globe, Niantic Labs needs willing testers out in the field to put features through the paces, and if you play your cards right, that could be you.

Much like Ingress, the other uber-popular title from Niantic Labs, players will trot around their neighborhoods, but instead of capturing portals, you capture Pokémon. The overall objective, at least from what we can tell, is to become the biggest and baddest Pokémon trainer in your area. There are Gyms to train and battle your Pokémon, as well as different Poké Balls to capture new creatures. 

Signing up is very easy. All you need is a working Gmail address, know which mobile OS you use (Android or iOS), and optionally, provide your Ingress agent name. Once complete, you are done. Niantic shed no light onto how they are selecting volunteers, but fingers crossed they select a lot of people. Full disclosure, yes, I signed up.

If testing isn’t your thing, once the game is available for all on Google Play, we will inform you.

Sign up by following the link below.

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