Google’s Inbox Gets Three Awesome New Features Today, Including Link Storing

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Google’s Inbox, my personal email app of choice, is getting three really cool new features today that continue to make it difficult for its users to ever look at another email app again. The new features involve better calendar event tracking, a way to preview newsletters you often click through, and a new “Save to Inbox” option for storing links (!) you find across the web.

In the calendar portion of this latest feature add, Google is letting Inbox gather emails from events together, sort of like they do with Trips, to let you see what has changed over the course of the event’s life. A simple tap on an event should then take you into the overview of happenings. 

With newsletter previews, Inbox can show you a short list of the items you might click through before taking you into a more picturesque preview with shortcuts to articles you may want to read.

And finally, Google has added a new “Save to Inbox” option for sending links to yourself. You know why this is awesome, right? How many times have you been cruising the web and wanted to send yourself a link to be viewed on your computer or later? This fixes that problem. Now, with the latest Inbox, when you are reading something and decide you want it emailed or stored, a tap on the share button and then Inbox will give you a choice to “Save to Inbox.” On a system level, Inbox can even tell if you have a link copied at the moment and will ask if you want to save it when you enter the app. Those saved items are available in the slideout menu in the Inbox app under a new “Saved” bundle.

To take this all a step further, Google is also introducing a new Inbox Chrome extension that allows you to either save a link directly to Inbox or fire it off in an email. How sweet is that?

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