These Motorola “Moto Dojo” Commercials are Actually Pretty Funny

moto dojo

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I honestly don’t even know which phones Motorola is trying to promote with these new “Moto Dojo” commercials – probably the Moto X Pure and Moto G – but they are at least entertaining, something that I don’t think most of us would say about LG’s Statham-filled G5 commercials. And hey, they also don’t star Ashton Kutcher, so there’s that too.

The spots star some random, un-athletic and uncoordinated white dude with a taped on mustache who takes his karate seriously. Each commercial features this guy doing things to a Motorola phone that highlights a specific feature (Moto Display, Actions, Voice, etc.), only in a really awkward dojo setting, with cat pictures on the wood-paneled wall.

Who doesn’t love a good karate spoof? 

[responsive_vid vid_url=”d1cx08G9I90″]

[responsive_vid vid_url=”o6tS5600SMM”]

[responsive_vid vid_url=”p2Ot-v7K2AU”]

[responsive_vid vid_url=”he2aQTwxQFk”]



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