LG Publishes Silly Jason Statham Commercial for G5


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The latest commercial from LG will leave you completely exhausted of Jason Statham, as the action flick actor appears roughly 1,000 times in the TV spot for the now-available G5. There is old lady Statham, little baby Statham, stuntman Statham, waiter Statham, bank robber Statham, and oh so many more. 

During the commercial, we see the G5’s modular design going to good use, and even the G5’s “friends” tag along for the ride. There are cameos from the 360 VR headset, as well as the wannabe BB-8 LG Rolling Ball pet toy.

Watch it, enjoy it, and remember that Statham will likely kill you with his pinky finger if you speak ill of it.

Did you pick up your LG G5 today?



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