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Reminder: Verizon’s $20 Upgrade Fee Went Live Today

verizon 4g lte

Just a quick reminder, but because¬†today is April 4 and the go-live date for Verizon’s latest fee introduction, be prepared going forward to pay an extra $20 when you buy a new phone at Verizon with a device payment plan or at full retail. This is Verizon’s new “upgrade fee” that was confirmed last week.¬†

Because Verizon was looking for help covering their “increased support costs associated with customers switching devices,” you now get to pay extra for the right to pay them for a phone. Just know that Verizon isn’t the only carrier with an asinine upgrade fee – both Sprint ($36) and AT&T ($15) have them as well.

What a world we live in.

Via: Verizon



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