Latest HTC 10 Teaser Says to Expect “Fastest and Smoothest Android” Yet

htc 10 buttons

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In the latest teaser for the HTC 10, HTC, the VR-focused electronics company who now makes phones on the side, is bragging up their next phone’s performance. Not only that, but they have confirmed the Samsung-esque button setup on the phone’s chin, although it is at least in the correct arrangement. 

The teaser says that we should expect the “fastest and smoothest Android” yet, which is actually something we love to hear as Android elitists. Android “jank” has almost always been a problem on phones not made by Google, so hopefully HTC can prove to the world that all Android skins really aren’t “created equal.” I would imagine that the next version of Sense that will be coupled with the HTC 10 will be leaner than ever, helping it with performance.

As for the button setup, well, you can see it there. We are looking at a centered home button that doubles as a fingerprint sensor, with back and app switcher flanking it. It’s not a setup I would typically prefer, but as I mentioned above, at least they put the buttons in the correct spots with back on the left and app switcher on the right. Even Samsung can’t seem to get that right.

Part of me is still holding out hope that we’ll be able to turn off the capacitive buttons and go with an on-screen setup, like we saw on the OnePlus 2. Will HTC? We haven’t seen any indication of that happening. A boy can dream.

After seeing this new teaser, specs from GFXbench, and all of those leaked pictures from yesterday, your interest has to be growing some? Come on, you have to be at least a bit curious, right?



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