Live Chat: Apple’s iPhone SE and iPad Pro Event!

apple iphone se event

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Apple has an event today. It starts at 10AM Pacific (1PM Eastern). We haven’t mentioned it up until this point, because well, it sounds like a pretty weak event unless you are the ultimate Apple diehard. I say that because they are supposed to unveil a mid-range, margin-increasing,  iPhone SE for people who love non-Hummers and are in emerging markets (or something), a new iPad Pro, and maybe some new overpriced watch straps. See…boring, right?

Either way, because we always like to have a good time at Apple’s expense and annoy elitist bloggers who get all huffy and pissy when we poke fun at Apple, we’re doing a live chat of the event!

The festivities start at 10AM (so in just a few minutes) and will be streamed for the world to see over at Apple’s site. Unfortunately, that means you need Safari or an Apple device in order to watch. You can watch here if you fit those terms.



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