Humble Bundle 17 Offers Lara Croft GO, Prune, and More at “Pay What You Want” Pricing

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A new Humble Bundle is live for all to see, and this time around, is offering quite a few premium titles at a pay what you want price. The way it works is simple. There is an average price set on the bundle, which is the average price of those paying for the games on Humble Bundle. If you meet or exceed that average, you get all of the games. Easy, right?

Currently, the average is set at just under $6, and when the average is paid, you gain access to six games. If you pay a set $6 price or more, you get 8 games. As always, you the payer get to decide where your money goes. Additionally, more games become added to the bundle at a later time, making your initial investment much sweeter. As for which games are currently available, I am sure you have heard of a few of them. Right now, Humble Bundle is offering Lara Croft GO, Prune, Framed, Grim Fandango, Sorcery! 3, and others in this bundle. For the $6 set price, this is a very good deal. 

Follow the link below to take advantage.

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