Video: A Quick Look at What’s New in Edge Panel on the Galaxy S7 Edge

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During my review of the Galaxy S6 Edge, I turned off the Edge Panel features. Why? Franky, because they sucked. On the Home screen, there was one panel, People Edge, and it wasn’t all that great. On the lock screen, there were plenty of tickers to choose from, but in real life scenarios, they weren’t helpful or fun to use. In 2016, Samsung is offering the Galaxy S7 Edge, with a completely remodeled Edge Panel. But, does it have any worthy features? Surprisingly, yes, it absolutely does. Unlike the Galaxy S6 Edge, the Edge Panel found on the Galaxy S7 Edge is highly useful, and I intend to use it quite often. With that being said, let’s go over what’s new. 

Again, unlike the Edge Panel found on the Galaxy S6 Edge, there are many different panels to choose from on the Galaxy S7 Edge. This is thanks to many updates to the Edge Panel app, found on the Samsung Apps store. On the Galaxy S7 Edge, there are panels for sports scores, app shortcuts, feature shortcuts inside of specific Samsung apps, news tickers, and even a compass panel. Really, there’s a ton to choose from, half of which you probably won’t even use.

On the lock screen, users still benefit from Edge Lighting, news tickers, sports tickers, and notifications. Essentially, not much has changed with regard to the Edge Panel and the lock screen. However, inside of the Settings menu for the Edge Panel app, you can change up the transparency of the tab, adjust its size, and placement along the side of the display. All of these features really help bring value to the Edge Panel.

Without saying too much, check out our video below, comparing Edge Panel on the Galaxy S6 Edge and the Galaxy S7 Edge. As you will see, thee difference is night and day.

Do we have any Galaxy S7 Edge owners here? If so, do you think Samsung did a good job at adding more value with the Edge Panel?




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