Watch: This is Sony’s Take on Android 6.0 “Marshmallow”

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Sony uploaded a video to its YouTube channel this week, detailing what Xperia folks can expect once their devices are updated to Android 6.0 “Marshmallow.” When and if the update comes to your phone, Sony has turned everything white, and included many of the important features that come native inside of Marshmallow. These features include enhanced app permissions and easier media sharing between friends. 

In addition to native changes, Sony has worked in a few of their own, such as real-time camera adjustments when taking photos, a swipe to switch camera shooting modes, sticker packs for your texting apps, and a much better text editing solution (Marshmallow native feature).

Sony provides no detail into which devices would receive this update along with the video, but that information was made available back in late 2015. At this time, global Xperia Z5 are reportedly receiving the Marshmallow update, but the Sony situation here in the US is pretty much a cluster at this point. If an update is something you don’t want to wait for, the Xperia X lineup of devices will ship with Marshmallow, which is likely the quickest way for you to run Marshmallow on a Sony device.

All you Xperia Z owners out there in the US, want to place a friendly wager on when this update might hit your device? Q3? Q4? 2017?



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