Wake Up to the Radio or YouTube Videos With PocketBell Alarm Clock

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PocketBell, a radio alarm clock, may be my new favorite thing. For years it seems, I used Timely, then after that team “joined” Google, I used the stock Android alarm app. It works fine, but if you might be looking for something a bit more fancy, PocketBell is for you.

When setting an alarm, you can choose what type of audio you want to be awoken to. You can set it as a standard alarm ringer that is already installed on your phone, a music file you have, radio station, or even a YouTube video. If you look at the header image above, you can see I set a Droid Life Show episode as an example of this feature. If the buzzers and ringers that come with your phone suck, this app is your answer. 

Going beyond different buzzers, PocketBell has a ton of different settings to capture the perfect alarm clock settings for each person. Listed in the app are settings for Bluetooth speakers, WiFi connectivity, energy savings, acoustic feedback, night mode, as well as motion control. Seriously, for an alarm clock app, PocketBell has it all.

The app is free to download on Google Play, but a Pro version is available for $1.99. The Pro version enables the ability to set snooze schedules and unlimited alarm durations.

Check it out.

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