Video: Galaxy S7 vs. Galaxy S6 vs. Galaxy S5

galaxy s7 vs s6 vs s5

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After taking quick looks at both the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, we had some time today to throw down the 2-year old Galaxy S5 and 1-year old Galaxy S6 next to the new S7 to see what has changed. We didn’t go incredibly in depth, but this should give you an idea as to how far we have come in just two short years. 

For the most part, Samsung is saying that the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are the combination of years worth of experience building phones and listening to customers. With these new phones, they are putting it all together, which means not only beautiful design, but features upon features upon features.

With the S5, Samsung had SD card storage and water resistance in a phone that wasn’t ever going to win a design award. With the S6, we didn’t see the SD card slot or water resistance, but we got what was arguably the best looking phone from any manufacturer in some time. Now with the S7, we have all of those put together into the ultimate premium smartphone.





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