Video: Samsung Shares a Brief History Lesson in “Unpacking Samsung”

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As we near the unveiling of the Galaxy S7 on Sunday, Samsung is going through a period of reflection, which is good timing as it happens to also be #TBT. In a video called “Unpacking Samsung,” the company quickly shows off the devices from past years, dating all of the way back to 1988 and the SH-100 mobile phone. 

The video details the excitement surrounding the company’s first wristwatch phone, MP3 phone, the world’s smallest TV phone, going all of the way to the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S5, and Galaxy S6 Edge.

Read Samsung’s complete description.

From the release of the SH-100 mobile phone in 1988 to the first wristwatch phone. The World’s smallest TV phone to our first MP3 phone. We introduced the S Pen with the Galaxy Note series and paved the way for Phablets. We’ve even climbed mountains to make the first 3G call from Everest. Gone underwater to test the ability of the Galaxy S5 and curved glass to create the first dual edge screen smartphone.

Wherever there’s a barrier, we see it as an invitation to go further, together.

Who knows where progress will take us.

No doubt, this video is a great piece of marketing, but as smartphone and Android fans, it is a testament that Samsung has long been at the forefront of our industry, pushing the boundaries for consumer betterment.

With that said, at the end of the day, TouchWiz still kinda sucks.



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