Play Games Intros Gamer ID, Unique Gaming Persona for All Mobile Players

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When you hop onto your PC, PS4, or Xbox One, you are no longer yourself – you are a destroyer of worlds, killer of zombies, pwner of newbs, vault dweller in search of his/her son, or whatever type of character you want to play as. The point is, you usually play these games under an alias when online, not your real name.

Because of this, Google is introducing Gamer ID for Play Games. With this, mobile gamers can create unique gaming personas when playing on their phones, so wherever you may be with your phone, you can always be Zardoz, a mortal man sent to teach an enslaved people about sex and freedom.

Once this feature rolls out to all users, you will be able to create a unique ID, choose from many different profile photos, and then share your achievements with the world of friends you have accumulated. If you so choose, profiles can also be kept private, in case you feel bad about showing off your high scores to everyone.


Furthermore, this same announcement comes coupled with the auto sign-in feature that was detailed not so long ago. With it, when downloading new games onto a phone, you will only be asked to sign-in once, which gets you playing your games much quicker than as it is right now.

Google states that Gamer ID will be rolling out to all users in the coming weeks. To claim your ID before anyone else snatches it, be sure to update the Google Play Games app.

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