Question of the Day: What Do You Hope Samsung Changed From Galaxy S6 to S7?

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 will be announced on February 21 in Barcelona. So far, from what we have seen from leaks, this year’s Galaxy S will look very similar in size and style to last year’s Galaxy S6. I don’t know that I would consider that to be a bad thing, since Samsung happened to make one of the most beautiful line-ups of smartphones ever last year. Actually, you could take that a step further and say that they made not only some of the best looking phones ever released, but they should be considered some of the best all-around as well. Come on, how can you not love the Note 5?

With that said, the Galaxy S6 had its issues – namely with battery life. I think I’m still in a bit of shock as to how bad the battery life on that phone was. Also, even though Samsung greatly improved the software experience on the S6, it wasn’t exactly something we would prefer to use for a 2-year period. There were serious lag issues for a while, the icons are still…ugly, and there are so many settings and Samsung-created apps that most of us could live without. Let’s not forget that the back of the S6 has a camera hump, there wasn’t SD storage or waterproofing, and that single bottom-facing speaker is far too easy to cover.

With the Galaxy S7 just around the corner and leaks pouring in from all angles, let’s talk about what you were hoping Samsung would do this year. What were you hoping to see change from the S6 to the S7 (or S7 Edge)? 



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