Hangouts 7.0 Pops Up, Introduces Quick Reply and Save to Home Screen

hangouts quick reply

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Oh boy, a big Hangouts update is arriving on Android! It’s version 7.0.113001250 and it includes quick reply! I don’t know why I’m acting so excited, since this is still Hangouts we’re talking about, but this feature has been needed for far too long. It’s great to finally see it as it makes quickly replying to a conversation so easy and simple without interrupting what you are doing. Remember, Google Messenger received this functionality almost a year ago.

Anyways, the update started rolling out earlier today and one lucky dude grabbed it and uploaded the APK file for us to enjoy. We have that for you below. 

Outside of quick reply (where you get to quickly reply through notifications on top of your current screen), you will now see an option tucked inside of the conversations menu that allows you to save the conversation to your home screen. As you can see in the screenshot below, I easily created an entire folder of conversations on my home screen. How useful is that?

The rest of the update includes minor UI tweaks that only the purest Material Design freak will notice. Enjoy!

Play Link | Download Link (APK)

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Via:  reddit | APK MirrorAndroid Police



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