Facebook Mentions Hits Android, an App for Verified Public Figures

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Facebook Mentions, an app made solely for those with verified public figures pages (celebs), is now available for Android. With the app, celebrities and other verified personalities can more easily share the happenings in their life, including live video feeds, status updates, and trending stories all in one single place. 

As stated on the Facebook website, verified public figure pages can belong to musicians, actors, journalists, athletes, and political folk. If you have a verified page, and want access to Mentions, you can sign up here.

Again, unless you are a verified public figure, then the app itself is virtually useless. Even if you own a verified business page, it still won’t work, according to Facebook’s signup page. And since we all know celebrities use iOS exclusively, then this launch might almost be a waste of time.

If we do have any celebs here, go check it out.

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