AT&T Introduces New Unlimited Data Plan for Those With DIRECTV or U-Verse


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Did you ever think Verizon or AT&T would re-introduce unlimited data to this wireless world of ours? I can’t say that I saw it coming this soon, but AT&T is the first of the two to decide that overpricing the hell out of data for years was probably unnecessary. This morning, AT&T announced the “New Unlimited Plan” for AT&T customers who also “have or add” DIRECTV or U-Verse TV. The new plan is available beginning tomorrow, January 12.

Yes, that is the important qualification here. This unlimited plan isn’t for everyone – it’s only for those who also plan to use one of AT&T’s cable services too. So as long as you already have or plan to add DIRECTV service, or AT&T U-Verse, into your monthly billing schedule, you can ignore this and move on with your day. If you do use (or plan to) one of those TV services, then read on! 

The AT&T unlimited data plan starts at $100 per month. The break down there is a $60 fee for the data and another $40 for the device access. If you add one additional lines, you are looking at just $40 more per line. For now, AT&T is tossing in the fourth line for free, so you could have a family of four on AT&T’s new unlimited plan for $180 per month (before taxes and all that jazz). It is my understanding that you can add more than four lines, but only the fourth is free.

The plan includes unlimited “video streaming, data, talk, and text,” in case you were wondering.

Here is a breakdown of the base plan, plus additional potential costs, depending on the devices you add:

Device Type Monthly Access Fee Per Device
1st Smartphone $100
Additional Smartphones + $40

(Fourth line free after bill credit)

Tablets + $40 (or $10 for 1GB)
Watches + $10
Basic/messaging phones + $25
Select connected devices + $10

Pricing includes $60 per month plan charge plus per device access charge.

What are the catches? Well, we’re still talking with sources, but we know these things.

  • You get at least 22GB of high speed data per line. After you hit the 22GB mark, AT&T “may” throttle you for the remainder of a billing cycle “during periods of network congestion.”
  • I mentioned this above, but a “eligible” TV service is required. AT&T will give customers who sign-up 60 days to get their “eligible” TV service in order or they will automatically remove them from the unlimited plan.
  • As a bonus, AT&T  is giving a $10 discount per month for those who combine their wireless and DIRECTV/U-Verse bills.
  • UPDATE:  Tethering is not included and is not offered as a part of this plan.
  • UPDATE 2:  As some have noted, the $180 for four lines doesn’t include the cost of installment payments on phones. So you are really looking at $180 plus whatever the totals is for all of the monthly payments on all of the phones you have. Say those are $20 per line, you could add on another $80 per month, plus the cost of your cable subscription through DIRECTV or U-Verse.

Finally, here is a competitive pricing breakdown that AT&T is pushing.

at&t unlimited plan


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