Under Armour and HTC Introduce UA HealthBox With Fitness Tracker, HR Monitor, and Scale

ua healthbox

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To kick off CES, Under Armour and HTC announced their take on an entire “fitness system.” It’s called the UA HealthBox and it’s a combination of products that includes a fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, and scale, along with the UA Record app, to give you a total fitness picture. 

The fitness band is called the UA Band. It sounds like a pretty standard fitness band that tracks workouts, steps, sleep, etc. It syncs with the UA Record app and even has an LED that “indicates heart rate zone” when paired with the heart rate monitor.

As for the UA Heart Rate, which is the heart rate monitor, you get a HR sensor and chest strap that are compact, but hopefully accurate as well. With the UA Record app, you can customize your heart rate zones.

Finally, we have the UA Scale, which is a WiFi enabled scale that syncs with UA Record to track your progress. It features an “iconic circular design” along with LEDs that hide when not in use. It can support up to eight users.

The UA HealthBox runs $400 and will go up for pre-order today at Under Armour’s site. The “box” will officially be available on January 22.


Pre-orders begin today for the first comprehensive connected fitness system

LAS VEGAS, CES – January 5, 2016 – Today, HTC and Under Armour unveiled UA HealthBox™, the world’s first connected fitness system that measures, monitors, and manages the most important drivers of health and fitness – sleep, fitness, activity and nutrition. Designed and manufactured by HTC and powered by UA Record™, UA HealthBox includes a fitness band, heart rate monitor and a smart scale that all connect seamlessly with UA Record to provide insights that empower individuals to improve their health and fitness. The new UA Record is available for download from the Google Play™ store and App Store.

With an HTC smartphone, or other Android or iOS smartphone, UA Record serves as the dashboard for daily activities that dictate how you feel. Following the same philosophy HTC takes when designing smartphones, UA HealthBox removes the barriers and complexity of technology with a simple to set up and easy to use system.

“This system contains everything a consumer needs to better manage their health and fitness,” said Wolfgang Muller, Executive Director – Connected Products, HTC. “Whether you are a high performance athlete or simply committed to improving your health, UA HealthBox is the only system that delivers the complete picture and provides the information and motivation needed to achieve your goals.”

UA Band is designed to be worn all-day, every day. It tracks daily activity, workouts and sleep. All day activity capture allows you to set a daily goal and track progress on the band. UA Band utilizes a seamless exterior shell with a display that is discreetly hidden under an outer layer allowing the technology to disappear when it is not in use. Designed with athletes in mind, the band offers an advanced workout mode with a display that stays on during the workout, as well as an LED that indicates heart rate zone when paired with UA Heart Rate. UA Band comes in black with a red textured underside to allow for moisture wicking.

UA Heart Rate is a compact heart rate monitor with an innovative micro snap technology designed to make it undetectable during workouts. The chest strap and removable sensor helps individuals monitor intensity and train smarter. The UA Heart Rate was created to provide an accurate calculation of calories burned. Combined with the UA Record app, UA Heart Rate allows you to customize your heart rate zones.

UA Scale is a beautifully crafted, Wi-Fi enabled scale with an iconic circular design. The scale utilizes a sheet of glass with advanced conductive paint technology that enables weight and body fat percentage readings. The hidden LED display behind the glass makes technology invisible when not in use. The scale can support up to eight users and syncs with the UA Record app for individuals to view trends with weight as part of their overall dashboard. UA Scale comes in black with a red textured underside.

“There are several options for consumers today when it comes to monitoring their daily activity, but no option when it comes to capturing and presenting information in a meaningful way. Most of us know more about the health of our car than we do about our own bodies,” said Robin Thurston, Chief Digital Officer, Under Armour. “Under Armour and HTC set out to change that by going far beyond the automation of data tracking. UA HealthBox provides custom health and fitness experiences designed to guide you towards your goals.”

Because of its unique approach, UA HealthBox is intended to be an integral part of an individual’s daily life, and as such the importance of design was paramount. UA HealthBox has been designed to unify the portfolio of products and the experience of using them.

“At HTC design is an uncompromising part of our culture. It is our DNA and we have an obsessive focus on delivering beautiful design not just on the outside but on the inside too,” said Muller. “UA HealthBox is beautifully designed with no detail overlooked, but it was also designed to be a comprehensive connected system that is easy to use throughout the day and every day. This is what sets it apart from anything on the market today.”


UA HealthBox will be available on January 22 in the U.S. with pre-orders beginning today on www.HTC.com, www.UA.com and at Under Armour Brand House locations. UA HealthBox (including UA Band, UA Heart Rate and UA Scale) will cost $400. UA HealthBox will roll out to additional US retailers in the first quarter and internationally throughout 2016.

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