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AT&T Introduces LTE Modules for IoT Devices

at&t iot lte

Our first Internet of Things story of CES 2016!

AT&T announced today that they will make 4G LTE modules available for those looking to get into IoT or the “Internet of Things.” With these modules, made by¬†Wistron NeWeb Corp (WNC), connectivity in IoT gets access to AT&T’s ever-growing 4G LTE network.¬†

Off hand, I couldn’t exactly tell you of a personal use for 4G LTE IoT device, but the option allows you or companies to connect almost any device to AT&T’s network. This should make for smarter and more connected cities, trucks, cars, machinery, healthcare, and more.

In short, a 4G LTE IoT module gives almost anything a chance to become connected without the need for nearby WiFi.

The modules made by WNC will start for as low as $14.99 and will be available by Q2 of this year.

Via: AT&T



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