AT&T Introduces LTE Modules for IoT Devices

at&t iot lte

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Our first Internet of Things story of CES 2016!

AT&T announced today that they will make 4G LTE modules available for those looking to get into IoT or the “Internet of Things.” With these modules, made by Wistron NeWeb Corp (WNC), connectivity in IoT gets access to AT&T’s ever-growing 4G LTE network. 

Off hand, I couldn’t exactly tell you of a personal use for 4G LTE IoT device, but the option allows you or companies to connect almost any device to AT&T’s network. This should make for smarter and more connected cities, trucks, cars, machinery, healthcare, and more.

In short, a 4G LTE IoT module gives almost anything a chance to become connected without the need for nearby WiFi.

The modules made by WNC will start for as low as $14.99 and will be available by Q2 of this year.

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