LG G5 Reported to Feature Secondary Ticker Display, Snapdragon 820, “Magic Slot”

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As we draw closer to 2016, rumors and reports concerning upcoming devices from all of the top OEMs will only increase, so buy your tickets for the hypetrain right away. While there is never a shortage of Samsung rumors for the Galaxy S7, it should be noted that LG is also cooking up the G5, a followup to this year’s LG G4. According to the latest report out of Venture Beat, the device is said to bring an array of  features from not only the G4, but the LG V10, too.

Stated by “sources,” the G5 will feature a metal enclosure (aka body), bringing an end to LG’s long run of plastic-based flagships. Not only can potential buyers expect a better in-hand feel thanks to metal, but it is said that the LG G5 will feature a secondary “ticker” display, along with the 5.3″ primary display, identical to what is found on the V10. This secondary display is used for quick access to settings, apps, and for glancing at notifications when your primary display is turned off. 

The G5 is reported to feature Qualcomm’s latest and greatest SoC, the Snapdragon 820 along with 3GB of RAM running the latest build of Android available from Google. For those concerned about expandable storage, there is currently no information on whether the G5 will feature a microSD slot.

There is also reference of a “Magic Slot,” which is said to allow the device to additional hardware modules. This could be for things such as a detachable keyboard, VR headset, and other various accessories. No exact details are known for what LG intends to use this Magic Slot for, but it does sound interesting.

We are likely only a few months away from an unveiling. Are you excited for a possibly all-metal G5 with secondary display?

Via: Venture Beat (aka Venture Beast)



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