Deal: Mobile Gamers, Check Out the ScreenStick Joystick for $17

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Does your mobile game feature on-screen buttons, maybe like the ones you might find on an old school arcade machine? Or are you possibly having troubles with your fingers getting in the way of gameplay? Don’t worry, we might have a solution. On the DL Deals Store, you can try out a ScreenStick Joystick for $17, a simple attachment for your smart device that could help bring back a sense of physically playing a video game with a controller.

Using suction cups, you place the little joystick over the top of the on-screen controls, and boom, you are ready for action. Any game that uses an on-screen joystick or d-pad is workable. This can be a variety of platform and fighter games, such as Mortal Kombat or Sonic.

Is it incredibly silly? Yes. Can it help you use a mobile device for playing a few arcade games? Absolutely.


  • Game like you’re at home even when you’re on the road
  • Get a whole new mobile gaming experience w/ this 2-in-1 gaming & simulator stick
  • Attach the stick to your phone w/ 2 suction cups
  • Play almost any game w/ an on-screen joystick or d-pad
  • Use it for years to come: made w/ high-quality, light & durable alloy

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