Own a SHIELD Tablet K1? NVIDIA Gifting 5 Lunchboxes for Fallout Shelter

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To the first 50,000 people who redeem the offer, NVIDIA is gifting 5 free lunchboxes to owners of the SHIELD Tablet K1 for Fallout Shelter. For those who are somehow unaware of Fallout Shelter, the game is created by Bethesda for mobile devices, turning you into a Vault overseer, tasked with creating jobs for dwellers, sending folks to explore the Wasteland, and protecting your citizens from Raider attacks and Deathclaws.

The lunchboxes that NVIDIA are gifting contain in-game items, such as weapons, characters and coins, all of which can help you create a better vault for your dwellers. 

To redeem this offer, all you must do is enter your SHIELD Tablet K1’s serial number here, then await a promo code via email that you will enter into Google Play. Once complete, open up Fallout Shelter on your device and open up your free lunchboxes.

Have at it, folks.

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