Action Launcher 3 Gets Big Update – Smartsize Icons, Quickedit With Icon Pack Suggestions, More

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Action Launcher 3, the third party launcher best enjoyed after watching Crocodile Dundee, received a major update today with not only “boatloads” of bug fixes, but a bunch of new features as well. In the update, Chris Lacy and his accent are introducing a Quickedit menu for icons from the home screen, Smartsize for icon resizing, image cropping, support for Marshmallow’s permission system, and more. 

The biggest new feature is likely Quickedit, which is a menu that pops up after long-pressing on an icon. This new menu allows you to quickly uninstall, edit the label, or find app info, but if you are an icon junky like us, you’ll probably care more about its quick icon changing access. With the menu accessed, a swipe up shows you all sorts of icon suggestions pulled from your installed icon packs. In other words, you no longer have to go into an icon screen or an icon pack to quickly change icons to whatever style of theme you are looking for. The video below shows this quite well.

With Smartsize, you get automatically resizing of icons to fit the Material Design grid, since icon designers from different apps all suck, and can’t find common ground.

The rest of the changes are as follows:

  • Smartsize icons (Beta): icons automatically resize to fit in the Material Design icon grid.
  • Bundled Google Calendar icons that display the correct day for each day of the month.
  • A bundled Marshmallow icon pack (handy when on non-Nexus devices).
  • Support for Marshmallow’s permission system.
  • Support for Marshmallow’s ‘reveal’ app launch anim (requires Marshmallow).
  • Completely overhauled icon picker.
  • Image crop functionality.
  • The free version of the app can now apply icon packs.
  • Introduction of Supporter pack, allowing people who have long-since purchased the app the option of making another purchase.
  • A boatload of bug fixes.

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