Night Light Feature for Google Play Books Makes Nighttime Reading Easier on the Eyes

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Google Play Books, Mountain View’s dedicated book and magazine reading app, is receiving an update via Google Play that brings a new feature called Night Light. With Night Light, Play Books will automatically adjust the amount of blue light given off from the display, which can be disruptive to human eyes at nighttime. When the app senses sunlight getting low around you, the color changes to an amber hue, which will be easier on your eyes for nighttime book consuming. Yum yum. 

As explained by the good folks at Google, “Night Light automatically adapts to the amount of natural sunlight outside based on the time of day, giving you just the right temperature and brightness. The color adjustment is more comfortable on your eyes and greatly improves low-light night reading.” In the header image above, you can see exactly what to expect from when you toggle this feature on.

To turn it on, once you have updated the app, you will see a pop up message asking you to switch on this automatic feature for whenever you are reading. Given it is automatic, it’s not something you have to toggle on and off again.

The update is rolling out to Google Play now.

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