Google Photos Update Introduces Shared Albums

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Every photo service on mobile or web seems to be worried about the same thing when it comes to collaborative efforts. What I mean is that they all assume you host tons of parties or partake in various group activities where you take lots of pictures of those happenings with your friends and family. The problem here lies in the aftermath, where everyone took pictures but no one has an easy way to share them. How do we fix this? Google Photos thinks it has an answer with shared albums arriving in the latest update. 

With shared albums you get the simple sharing that you have always enjoyed with Google Photos, only in album format that friends and family can join and contribute to. Once an album has been shared with someone, they can add videos and photos to it, but also receive notifications when someone else adds new photos or videos to it. Other contributed photos and videos can be saved to your own library as well.

To create and share an album, you simply select the photos you want to make into an album, tap the “share” button, and then choose to create a “New shared album.” Send it off to others and hope that they add in their best shots and memories.

The update is rolling out today on Android, iOS, and the web.

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