Verizon Introduces WiFi Calling Tomorrow to the Galaxy S6

galaxy s6

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Late Friday afternoon, Verizon announced that it was beefing up its Advanced Calling feature set by adding in WiFi Calling for the first time to its phones. The feature will first be available tomorrow on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge after each receives a software update enabling it. Additional devices (both Android and iOS) will get WiFi Calling “early next year.” 

What is WiFi Calling? It’s just as the name suggests in that it allows you to make calls to others using a WiFi connection instead of the 3G or 4G connection you have used for years. In this case, it would be making calls over a WiFi network instead of Verizon’s network. It’s useful when you are in a building that limits your network connection or because you have a stronger WiFi connection. Or maybe you are in the boonies without much of a signal at all, yet the local roadside attraction happens to have WiFi – you could then make calls!

Since Verizon’s WiFi Calling is a part of their Advanced Calling 1.0, which is a system-level set of features that is available through the dialer on your phone. It allows you to make HD Voice calls, video calls to other supported devices, and now, WiFi Calls. Advanced Calling 1.0 is enabled through the My Account section of Verizon’s website and is free of charge.

Again, this new WiFi Calling feature will only be available starting tomorrow on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge after each receives an update.

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