Google Safe Browsing Now Protects Hundred of Millions of Chrome Users on Android

chrome safe browsing

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Google’s Safe Browsing, the security service behind Chrome that protects you as you cruise the internet by warning you of potentially harmful or dangerous sites, is now protecting millions of uses on Chrome for Android. Google announced the availability of the service this morning, noting that you are likely already covered by it, assuming you have Chrome 46 or higher installed. 

To verify that you have Safe Browsing, open Chrome, head into Settings>Privacy and look for the option shown above, and make sure you have the box checked for “Safe Browsing.”

With that box checked, you can browse the internet safer than ever on your Android device, knowing that Google is constantly on the lookout for the bad guys of the web. Should you happen upon a site that has been deemed unsafe, Google will warn you with an image similar to the one below. If you see that, it might be good to back on out and find another source.


Via:  Google Online Security



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