Verizon Hands Out 2GB of Bonus Data Per Line for Life in New Promo

verizon wireless

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This morning, Verizon kicked off a new promotion that could land you a whole bunch of extra data per month “for life.” The promo involves their new XL and XXL data plans, and a bonus 2GB of data per month for life, depending on how many people on your plan upgrade phones or add new lines within the next month or so. 

Here is the deal. If you and your family are signed up for Verizon’s XL (12GB) or XXL (18GB) data plans, you can receive a bonus of 2GB of data per month for life every time someone on your account upgrades or adds a new line by January 6. Verizon’s example for how this works is if you have a family of four on the XL (12GB) plan and they all upgrade within the next month, you would then see an 8GB lump of bonus data (2GB per line that upgrades) each month for life. If you stay on their XL or XXL plan for years to come, that bonus data won’t ever go away. And should you do just that, you would then have 20GB per month to use as a family (12GB XL base + 8GB bonus data).

Make sense?

The promotion runs from today through January 6.

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