Video: Instagram’s New Multiple Account Feature

instagram multiple accounts

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This morning, we showed you the new Instagram multiple accounts feature that is slowly rolling out on Android, but wanted to follow that up with a deeper look on video to give you a better idea as to how it works. Once additional accounts have been added, it’s really easy to flip between them all. 

Some of you may be wondering why anyone would need to support multiple accounts on Instagram and the answer is simple – people like me. Or other business owners. Or people whose job is to manage social media accounts for the company they work for. Or people who want an account for posting car pictures to and another for posting food. There are a lot of reasons for having multiple accounts, so seeing this feature arrive finally, is a big deal.

The clip walks you through this in detail, but the basics for managing multiple accounts on Instagram are as follows. Once logged in, head to your profile page and open the settings menu. At the very bottom of the list of settings, you will see an option to “Add Account.” Tap that and type out your credentials for your secondary or third or fourth account. Once you have added additional accounts, you can then quickly add more or jump between them all on the profile page through a drop down menu at the top left, where your account name is located.

You will hear this in the clip, but it appears as if this feature is a part of the latest beta (v7.12.0) and may also only be slowly rolling out behind the scenes through a server side switch. I have it, yet a number of others on this version do not.

Either way, check it out in action below and let us know if you see it pop-up!




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