Verizon is Giving Away 1GB of Free Data Right Now for “Thanksgetting”

verizon 5g

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For the 2nd straight year, Verizon is trying to turn the day before Thanksgiving into some sort of¬†freebie day, where they can promote their own products, along with those from others. Last year, they called it Connection Day or something really weird. This year, it has apparently changed to “Thanksgetting.” I have no idea what that is supposed to mean, but this day is like last year’s day before the feast in that Verizon is giving away free things.¬†

Starting today, they are handing out 1GB of free data to everyone on Verizon with a qualifying plan. All you have to do is hit the link below, tap the “Get Now” link, sign-in to your account, and claim. The data will then be added to your account for use. The promo also seems to suggest that you will get another free 1GB in your next billing cycle as well. Free data!

The rest of “Thanksgetting” will include deals like free $5 iTunes gift cards, free boingo and GoGo internet, and more. Those deals, though, won’t be available until November 25.

Verizon “Thanksgetting” Link

Cheers Brandon!



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