New Android Commercials Feature “Silent Disco Dancers” and “Sight Seekers”

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Two new commercials from the Android team have been published to YouTube, possibly set to see a bit of TV time this season. Both are rather light-hearted, one pushing Play Music, and the other pushing Images on Google Search. 

In my personal favorite, the Silent Disco Dancers video, we see what appears to be a group of young people dancing in the woods, all wearing headphones. If I did not know any better, I would assume they were all enjoying some sort of psychotropic drug, but I assume they are just listening to music and having fun. The video then goes on to show how easy it can be to start listening to music on Android.

In Sight Seekers, we have hikers who want to view images of Fogo Head Rock. When asked to, Google quickly pulls up images via Google Search, and the hikers are left to their exploration.

View both new videos below, then share which one is your favorite in the comments below.

Sight Seekers


Silent Disco Dancers

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