Gear S2 With 3G Up for Pre-Order Today at Verizon, Hits T-Mobile November 15

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Samsung’s Gear S2 with 3G network connectivity is now up for pre-order at Verizon and will also arrive at T-Mobile by November 15. This is the version of Samsung’s round wearable that allows you to leave your phone behind and still take calls, send text messages or emails, and more.¬†

At $349 from Verizon, you can own the watch outright. If you don’t want to fork out the full price, Verizon is offering up a 2-year contract price of $299, which you would be a fool to consider. Seriously, just spend the extra $50 and keep yourself free of early termination fees. To connect the device to your account for making calls and all of that fun, you will need to pay $5 extra per month.

The watch arrives at Verizon stores November 6.

As for T-Mobile, the Gear S2 with “4G” connectivity arrives November 15 at the jacked up price of $359. Of course, T-Mobile will let you finance the watch for $0 down and $15 per month for 24 months. Like Verizon, T-Mobile will charge you $5 per month to get the calling, texting, and other connectivity.


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