Google Intros AMP Project, Aims to Dramatically Increase Speed of the Mobile Web

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This morning, Google announced a partnership with publishers and technology companies to build a faster mobile web experience for everyone. Named the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, or AMP for short, Google states that the goal of AMP is quite simple – dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web.

Using AMP HTML, an open framework built on existing web technologies, the idea is to build lightweight webpages, allowing for faster loading times on smartphones and tablets, regardless of the content they hold. Publishers will still be able to provide rich media content for readers, including pictures and videos, while also continuing to monetize the content with any ad network of their choosing. Essentially, it will be the same mobile web as we have today, complete with ads, but should load significantly faster. 

Over time, Google hopes to implement AMP across the web and their own services, such as Google News. As for a few of the companies signed up to take part in the project, Google listed Twitter, WordPress, Adobe Analytics, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Chartbeat, and others.

Google posted the below video to give folks a sense of what to expect from AMP. In addition, you can test AMP yourself on a mobile device by following one of the below links. Just make sure you are on your phone or tablet to see it correctly. | fashion | mars | syrianytimes


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