If You Buy a Nexus 5X, You’ll Need to Buy an Additional Cable to Utilize Old Chargers or Plug Into a Computer

nexus 5x usb type-c

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Just a heads-up to those buying a Nexus 5X, but you should be aware that your phone doesn’t come with a cable that will allow you to plug your phone into a computer or your old charging adapters. So if you want to connect your new 5X to a computer and get your debug on or even transfer files around, or if you want to utilize the 3-dozen adapters you have already lying around to charge your phone, you’ll need to shell out for an accessory or two. 

The Nexus 5X, as you all know, includes a USB Type-C port, so Google is tossing in a 15W USB Type-C charger and a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable for all of your charging needs. Unfortunately, they aren’t including a USB Type-C to USB Standard-A cable, which is a cable that could be used to connect your phone to a standard USB port in a computer or a typical USB charging adapter.

Sucks, I know, especially since Google is including one with the Nexus 6P. See, look:



Thankfully, we are already seeing USB Type-C to USB Standard-A cables popping up all over the place. Amazon has a bunch here for under $10 (Examples: 3.3ft version, 6.6ft version). Google has one here on the Google Store for $13.

For those still confused, this is the cable you are wanting – one with a regular USB tip on one end, followed by a USB Type-C tip on the other.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 2.37.12 PM

Note:  As some have mentioned in the comments, you could also just buy a bunch of these USB Type-C to Micro USB tip adapters. [Amazon Link]

Cheers Dave!




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