Tip: Use NFC to Transfer Hangouts Calls From One Device to Another

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Here’s a quick tip for all of you Hangouts users, one which could save you if your smartphone or tablet is about to shut down due to lack of power.

When in an ongoing call on one device, if your smartphone features NFC (sorry, OnePlus 2 owners), you can use Android Beam to seamlessly transfer the call from one device to another in seconds. 

To perform this action, simply place the back of two devices next to each other while one is in a call using the Hangouts Dialer app, and you will then see the above pictured prompt. Select “touch to beam,” and the call will be picked up instantly on the secondary device, whether it be a smartphone or tablet.

Please note, both devices will need to be logged into the same Google account, or the secondary device you are attempting to transfer the call to will read “account not found.”

What other neat tricks have you performed with NFC?

Via: +Steve Soloman



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